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New York Times

Media Watch Week of May 13

Bloomberg News interview with Whole Foods CEO Walter Robb. Supermarket News on Asian supermarkets reach for 2nd and 3rd generation young shoppers.  “With no single ethnic food retailer dominating the U.S., the race is on to capture new markets where second- and third-generation shoppers are more likely to patronize chains like Whole Foods Market or […]

Media Watch Week of April 7

Media Watch Week of April 7

The first of our weekly index with links to stories in the news that NBN thinks you might want to know.  Whether you’re looking to impress your friends, embarrass your brand manager or actually trying to learn more before your big meeting take a look below.  NOTE:  some full stories may require registration or a […]

Dangers of Tweeting While Eating Thai Noodles and Pondering GMOs;  But Monsanto Still Sucks

Dangers of Tweeting While Eating Thai Noodles and Pondering GMOs; But Monsanto Still Sucks

A funny thing happened while reading the NY Times opinion page and eating my favorite noodle soup at King of Thai Noodles #2 on Clement Street.   (Which Yelp unfairly gives only 3.5 stars but that is an issue for another time). NBN tweeted about a NY Times piece detailing Monsanto’s efforts at convincing Vietnam […]

New York Times Marc Bittman on Investor Interest in Organic Farms

Interesting New York Times blog post from Mark Bittman on hard nosed investor interest on organic farming.

Sioux City Iowa To Go Organic

Interesting story on on city’s mission to get healthy. http://www.nytimes.com/gwire/2009/11/25/25greenwire-evangelist-for-organics-going-against-the-grain-4927.html

New York Times Jane Brody Asks about Vitamin B12 Supplementation

My mother loved Jane Brody but still took plenty of vitamins during her long life. We don’t feel the same way about her. Let us know what you think. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/14/health/14brod.html?_r=1&adxnnl=1&oref=slogin&ref=science&adxnnlx=1224100852-XG2nXVp0fJup5XpTOxE36A

New York Times on Hunger and America’s Table Scraps

Anyone who has worked in a restaurant or as a cater waiter like we have has seen more than their share of food get tossed in the trash.  One vivid memory of a party for computer giant Oracle at San Francisco’s Exploratorium comes to mind. It was under attended, easy to work, rather boring. Passing […]

New York Times on Similac Organic Baby Formula

A front page story in Monday’s New York Times discussed the growth of organic baby formula and questioned whether Pharma giant Abbott Nutrition’s Similac Organic’s growing success might be at the cost of infants nursing on the sweetened formula.  Unlike other products, the Times reports that Similac Organic uses sucralose as a sweetener. (Free registration required). While […]

Is It Us or Does The New York Times Jane Brody Need to Calm the Hell Down

We’ve spent nearly a month trying to sort out what in the world Jane Brody was thinking when the otherwise thoughtful health columnist for the less and less venerable New York Times (come on folks William Kristol is on their Op Ed page these days) and we finally figured she must be so frightened about […]

New York Times On Clorox Green Works

Maybe once again we expect too much from the media. But it seems like common sense that a piece in in today’s New York Times in a section called Greening Business discussing Clorox’ new Green Works line of soap and cleansers, would have to devote more than just give a mere passing mention to the company that started it […]