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Vitamin Angels Reach The Unreachable

While here at home we constantly debate the merits of supplementation in underdeveloped nations …. One third of all childhood deaths are caused by undernutrition. We can change that. For young children, essential nutrients help build the foundation for good health and the opportunity to lead meaningful and productive lives. Vitamin Angels is dedicated to […]

Reader’s Digest Must Be On Crack—Suggests Benefits of Vitamins Folk Tale

Given all the vitamins NBN has taken since the 1980’s if the Reader’s Digest story is accurate, I must have died a hundred deaths by now. Read the links below. Or just ignore the folks who must be on somebody’s payroll. Or maybe just supremely stupid. http://drugstorenews.com/story.aspx?id=133561&menuid=793  http://www.naturalproductsmarketplace.com/articles/2010/03/crn-counters-readers-digests-vitamin-myths.aspx  http://health.msn.com/nutrition/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100255816  http://nutritionbusinessjournal.com/alternative-medicine/news/11-18-study-deals-a-second-blow-vitamin-e-c/

Bill Joel’s Daughter OD’d on Homeopathics—Want To Buy The Brooklyn Bridge

When NBN first heard the news that Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley overdosed on Traumeel, a homeopathic remedy, we laughed. Not at the story of a depressed child of celebrity, but at the supposed cause of the hospitalization. Overdosing on a homeopathic medicine is impossible. It is about as likely […]

New York Times Jane Brody Asks about Vitamin B12 Supplementation

My mother loved Jane Brody but still took plenty of vitamins during her long life. We don’t feel the same way about her. Let us know what you think. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/14/health/14brod.html?_r=1&adxnnl=1&oref=slogin&ref=science&adxnnlx=1224100852-XG2nXVp0fJup5XpTOxE36A

ABC News On Supplements

More mainstream media coverage on supplements. We’ll zip our lip because NBN has gotten tired of talking too much. Okay maybe we’re just really busy today. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/story?id=5304089&page=1

CBS Morning Show on Supplements

Hold your nose folks. Okay maybe not. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/06/07/earlyshow/health/main4161791.shtml

Is It Us or Does The New York Times Jane Brody Need to Calm the Hell Down

We’ve spent nearly a month trying to sort out what in the world Jane Brody was thinking when the otherwise thoughtful health columnist for the less and less venerable New York Times (come on folks William Kristol is on their Op Ed page these days) and we finally figured she must be so frightened about […]

Simple and Concise: Dont Stop Taking Your Vitamins

We cringed yet again upon reading this story from the Washington Post unintelligently recounting studies about the value of vitamins. Lately we’ve been cringing so much., as more and more health writers scribe uniformed articles about the value of vitamins, that we’re worried that our blood pressure might get higher than the crowd at a Grateful Dead […]

Is Good Eating Good Enough? Pollan, Supplements and Health

Maybe we missed the memo, or accidentally erased a voice mail, but somehow we never got the word that  Americans eat so well that they don’t really need to supplement their diet with nutrients.  Eating a well-balanced diet is all you need. Of course in theory we agree, yet in a nation of over processed […]

FDA Drafts Guidelines to Regulate Supplements, Herbs as Drugs

Once again the FDA has issued guidelines that would allow it to regulate non-toxic, supplements and herbal products. This Monday the FDA announced via a document posted on its website a new “guidance” document, plans to reclassify virtually all vitamins, supplements, herbs and even vegetable juices as FDA-regulated drugs. Massage oils and massage rocks will […]