• New Food Podcast, Cornuco…
    • June 14, 2017 8:52 pm
    • Check out Cornucopia - The Cult, Culture and Business of Food, a new podcast with NBN's Matt Levine and Jeremy Spiro-Winn. Fo ...
    • GE Salmon Update:Target S…
    • May 31, 2013 5:16 pm
    • As reported in Food Safety News Target is the latest retailer to sign a pledge to not sell genetically engineered salmon. The ...
    • Grist’ Story Offers Insig…
    • May 13, 2013 6:43 pm
    • Context is everything. Half-full or half-empty? All or nothing? White or black? New York Mets or New York Yankees? (Okay, for ...
    • Monsanto’s Man in the Sen…
    • April 21, 2013 9:43 pm
    • Mother Jones details the previously mysterious Senator who added a rider to unrelated legislation protecting Monsanto and the ...


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Social Values Guided Shopping.
Not sure what coffee maker to buy. Check out Alonovo to help you determine which company rates highest in terms of corporate responsibility to help decide. More importantly, when you click through to the e-tailer of your choice, ALONOVO gets paid and uses the money to promote social change.

Two part of the same powerful membership supported organizations that providing powerful and practical steps for using consumer and investor power to provide social change.   Find Green America  here.


If your spouse works for Monsanto you might want to stay away from the insightful analyses here.  A great site dedicated to educating consumers and activist both on a huge variety of issues related to food justice, corporate

A terrific site that presents a wide-range of news on environmental and green issues but without the pedantic preaching that often leaves you reaching for the steak knife contemplating suicide. In Grist’s own words: “Its gloom and doom with a sense of humor. So laugh now — or the planet gets it.”

An inspiring, international community based organization “building a model of trade and global interaction between consumers, businesses and producers that positively the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the world.” They produce and sell great fair traded products, too!

Peer reviewed scientific studies on organic agriculture that shuts up the doubters lickety split.

ORGANIC TRADE ASSOCIATIONWorking across all sectors, the OTA providesnumerous resources for businesses and consumers alike. The organization promotes organic awareness and perhaps most importantly, works with policymakers regarding USDA rules and other legislation that are just plain stupid, or worse.

PUNK DOMESTICS  Amazing site for advanced DIY foodies with an emphasis and cultured and fermented foods but something your grandmother who worships the Fannie Farmer cookbook would love too.  Making your own sauerkraut won’t likely be the start of a revolution but share some with your friends, get them to cook more at home and change the paradigm.

REVEREND BILLY OF THE CHURCH OF STOP SHOPPING We can’t say enough about Reverend Billy. He brings a brilliant and potent brew to his church, combining the power of theater, social activism, visionary post-consumer visions, corporate muckraking along with a gospel choir that will give you goosebumps. But even that glowing description can’t describe it. Go to the website, be moved and get born again.

ANGELIC ORGANICS & THE REAL DIRT ON FARMER JOHN We can’t say enough about Farmer John is as quirky as charismatic as they come, especially in rural America. Yet he helped change the fate of his family farm and boost Community Supported Agriculture at the same time.

~ Nutrition and Health Policy ~

BEHIND THE HEADLINES: A Guide to Science in the News
Britain’s National Health Service’s guide to understanding the science behind the news. A terrific resource for understanding what studies really mean and what they don’t. Brought to you by the nation that also provides everyone with free health care.

Provides an invaluable and exhaustive resource of studies and nutritional protocols for treating health conditions and disease. A vital to smarten up those who think vitamins and supplements don’t work.

~ Services for Business ~

Full service innovative marketing communications to grow your business.

An internationally recognized video and web production company that is committed to creating new ways to communicate and get people to think. They love working for companies that care.

~ Media and News ~

METROFARM A great news portal discussing food policy, health and sustainability issues . Founder Michael Olson also produces Food Chain Radio, which like its online version, is powerfully thought provoking.

LOHAS Journal
For the business geeks or Wall Street investors LOHAS is one to watch, whether you’re wondering if your portfolio has gone up, or your looking for statistics to get your non-profit organization a grant.

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The Onion
Our favorite humor site. Soothe your soul in these crazy times with brilliant satire.

Secret Sauce Digital 
Ideation + Innovation + Design